There is a clear desire for brand activations and sampling to start happening again, despite the social distancing measures in place. Ministry of Fun have therefore created a unique opportunity for a single brand or a collection of brands to work together.

We are offering dynamic British brands the chance to be part of a really feel-good experience, one that consumers will no doubt welcome with open arms!

Although targeted with specific locations the activation will generate some fantastic content for you to share far and wide.

Meet Bertha!

A British Icon

Bertha, the beautiful and very British milk float, has helped us out on previous occasions and we’ve decided to bring her back as the key worker that she was destined to be!

Bertha will be dressed in her finest patriotic attire (think Union Jack flags, kites and bunting) to visit a selection of residential streets and deliver a cardboard parcel.

The parcel which will be dropped on the doorsteps of each and every house on the selected streets will contain approximately 6 different products accompanied by their own branded leaflet/coupon.

Our performers will play the role of some traditional cockney Milkmen/women and will help amplify the experience so residents can emerge and enjoy the fun ‘together’ from their own houses perhaps turning it into their own street party. (Bertha can also pump out some banging tunes!)

Key Benefits

By participating in our ‘Great British Brand Drop’ campaign and placing your product alongside like-minded locally sourced/grown/manufactured products you will –

  • Appeal to the current state of mind in the UK and the nation’s support for ‘homegrown’ brands.
  • Offer your consumers the chance to win an exciting gift parcel for every house in their street containing a collection of products they can enjoy at home*.
  • Gain a solid mechanism for engaging your social media followers (pre and post activation).
  • Be given professional photographs and video content of the activation to edit into your own branded content for sharing.
  • Potentially split the cost of a ‘no frills’ activation between multiple budgets proving a really low cost initiative.

* We will avoid brand conflict by accepting only one product per category (eg one snack brand, one craft beer brand etc)

What If My Brand Isn’t British?

This opportunity isn’t just exclusive to British Brands!

The idea can be adapted to suit anyone who are keen to bring their product to the public!

We can adapt the idea to suit your brand, whether you want to deliver food samples, beauty products or a new gadget – anything is possible.

With more people working from home than ever before, bloggers and reviewers are accustomed to having new products dropped directly on their office desks are missing out, so what better way to engage with them again than a special delivery right to their door.

Those who would usually try a new product on their way to work passing through a station can also be targeted locally near their homes so they don’t miss out either.  Your product can still reach your target audiences even in the current climate.

Get Involved!

For more information and to discuss your part in ‘The Great British Brand Drop’ please email

[email protected]

We can chat about whether you are interested in a brand exclusive version or shared campaign and give you an indication of costs.

We can’t wait to get the old girl on the road to meet your customers!

Staying Safe

We always endeavour to ensure that our teams behave with safety as their priority when dealing with members of the public. All of our activities are preceded by the relevant H&S risk assessments and checks and documentation will be provided.

Given the current climate we are taking every measure to stay up to date with the government guidelines, following the briefings closely and liaising with our own contacts within the National Health community.

These measures include, but are not limited to:

  • The use and application of PPE
  • Social distancing rules
  • Crowd control & queue management
  • Proper tracking & reporting of incidents
  • Hygiene & sterilising of equipment between uses
  • Where suitable, event signage will include safety messaging, reiterating that of the government and health advisers. The team are issued with, and trained in the practical use of, safety equipment applicable to each situation
  • Additionally, we can effectively utilise our performer’s theatrical skills to convey key messaging in an approachable, engaging and natural manner
Eager Ministers
Unforgettable Experience