A Note From The Ministers

We know how daunting it might seem at the moment to navigate all the current unknowns and so we would love to support you in the planning and execution of your Christmas event or experience.

Let us take the weight off and apply our expertise in Christmas magic, offering a solution that we can keep adapting according to a changing social climate.

As Britain’s No1 Provider of Father Christmas and creators of the longest running professional Santa School, we know how to bring a truly magical experience to your audience.

The Ministry Elves haven’t been idle during lockdown. Our thoughts have turned to how we can create flexible and innovative experiences for you and anyone wanting to meet the great man.

Our dedicated team will deliver experiences keeping the focus on families and the global connections we have made with each other.

We have created a tiered approach as a starting point for Christmas planning and set out three scenarios for potential experiences but these are by no means exhaustive. We welcome a clients themes and thoughts and can weave them into a structure that enables an experiential offering to keep the magic alive!


Scenario 1

A Traditional Experience with Extra Measures

We very much hope that the country will be in a position to fully open stores and public spaces soon, albeit with social distancing rules in place.

If this is the case, then we can deliver the traditional physical and interactive experience with Father Christmas and Elves but with certain rules in place which may include:

  • Reduced capacity
  • A design and customer journey that allows social distancing
  • One to one meeting with Father Christmas at a 2 metre distance
  • Performers checked daily for Covid 19 symptoms
  • Specially designed Christmas themed masks hygienically wrapped and given to all guests upon entry

Scenario 2

A Magical Experience With No Contact 

In the event of restrictions being heavier and consumers feeling less comfortable being in public… perhaps stores and public places may be open but have strict queueing systems and certain departments closed, we can produce a magical experience by implementing the following:

  • Reduced maximum number per group
  • Pre-booked slots with plenty of time between groups
  • Separate entrance and exit into and out of the experience with a strict one-way system
  • Incorporating pre-recorded footage which sets the scene and allows time for sanitising the space fully in between
  • Presenting the main event and meet and greet as a mini show with Santa and the other Christmas themed characters appearing live on a small stage and the audience enjoying from their own viewing ‘pods’

Scenario 3

A Remote Experience 

In the event of stores and public places being closed with no opportunity for families to visit in person we can deliver a completely remote experience with pre-booked slots.

  • Families are sent a special personalised package by courier. The package contains; A craft activity suitable for different age ranges, a unique challenge to complete as a family which forms part of the story and customer journey, a letter writing kit to send back to Santa, and not forgetting a letter from Santa himself!
  • A special pre-recorded message from Santa acts as an introduction to be watched before their allocated time. This message can be adapted to include branding or bespoke themed sets in the background
  • Santa and his Elves will appear live on screen via a secure meeting room to chat to children and families
  • Santa will know who he is meeting and therefore the experience becomes personalised for each guest

Personal Visits From Santa!

The real Santa of course!

Santa always has time to make personal visits in the lead up to Christmas, and can still do so even in the current climate. So whether you have a product to promote or if you want to surprise your loved ones or colleagues, Santa is here to help!

Accompanied by an Elf or two, Santa is happy to knock on your door and bring a smile to your face! He may even bring Rudolph! Social distancing measures will apply as appropriate according to an individual risk assessment.

Crafting Activities

Fun for the whole family!

Crafts can be tailored to suit your theme, budget and age ranges of participants and we can handle all the preparation and packing of the elements to ensure everything is event ready and looking festive!

Extra measures will be taken to ensure the handling of materials is done using PPE and that the craft activity is incorporated appropriately according to each scenario. In a physical grotto experience this may entail a separate table per household group, packaged items per group to prevent sharing of materials.

We offer many sustainable crafting options, as well as ‘How to’ videos to accompany the equipment.

Santa Stage Show

Time for some festive cheers!

If you’re looking for an alternative to a walk through experience then a public stage show might be right for you. Bringing together a whole host of Christmas characters, including the big man himself, we can write a bespoke Christmas show for you.

This is a great way for audiences to get into the festive spirit and get involved in creating Christmas cheer. It’s an alternative to the traditional Panto, and it can be staged anywhere including; department stores, Christmas Markets or even brought into your office!

Using hosts, floor decals, signage and barriers we will be able to indicate the appropriate social distancing measures for our audiences and can script reminders into the show itself if necessary.

Our team of talented creatives can write the script, direct and rehearse our performers and of course make the call to Santa to make sure he is there in person too!


The icing on the cake!

We are very well versed in handpicking the right group of highly skilled performers for any experience. All our performers are DBS checked and tuned into the brief they are given.

Our performers can be character based or multi-skilled to include balloon modelling, juggling and child-friendly magic.  They can be in traditional costumes or alternatively we can design bespoke costumes for a specific theme or brand.

Most importantly, all of our performers are wonderful human beings and each are experts in making a heartfelt connection with their audience. If there ever were a time for using these skills to lift spirits and reassure children and families that Christmas magic is alive and well it will be Christmas 2020.

Production Services

Designed, sealed, delivered!

We will bring our years of experience to the table and along the production journey will share bespoke presentations in order to reach a collective vision for your Grotto or Christmas activity.

These include:

    • An initial presentation and overview of our ideas
    • Customer journey
    • Mood boards for elements such as costumes and props
    • Set & theming designs

We are happy to suggest themes as well as be guided by you on the look & feel of your experience.

Staying Safe

We always endeavour to ensure that our teams behave with safety as their priority when dealing with members of the public. All of our activities are preceded by the relevant H&S risk assessments and checks and documentation will be provided.

Given the current climate we are taking every measure to stay up to date with the government guidelines, following the briefings closely and liaising with our own contacts within the National Health community.

These measures include, but are not limited to:

  • The use and application of PPE
  • Social distancing rules
  • Crowd control & queue management
  • Proper tracking & reporting of incidents
  • Hygiene & sterilising of equipment between uses
  • Where suitable, event signage will include safety messaging, reiterating that of the government and health advisers. The team are issued with, and trained in the practical use of, safety equipment applicable to each situation
  • Additionally, we can effectively utilise our performer’s theatrical skills to convey key messaging in an approachable, engaging and natural manner
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