A Note From The Ministers

We totally understand how daunting things may appear at the moment. There are ever changing regulations and the uncertainty can leave you at a loss with what to do.

Never fear, we are here to support you!

Here at MOF we offer creative solutions that can be swiftly adapted to any future changes in our social climate. Helping you to navigate the tricky waters and weather any storm.

We have a whole host of talented performers who can beam fantastic live entertainment direct from their home to yours!

The Ministers are a perfect addition to any situation, ensuring that your staff or family are totally engaged and having a fantastic time.

Mystery Guests

Surprise your team

Create a stir with a mystery guest discretely hidden in your weekly meeting.

Our ‘PR Guru’ is ready to lift the spirits of your team, and they sure do have some very wacky ideas!

The fun doesn’t stop there as our gurus can actually wax lyrical about all manner of subjects. Just give them a stage and a chance to talk then sit back and wait for the reactions.

So if you fancy playing a trick on your team, or you simply want to make sure they are paying attention (!) then invite one of our Gurus to your next meeting!

Behold the power of the pyramid teabag…

Actors and Hosts

Time to spice it up!

At MOF we have many professional hosts who can adeptly liven up social online gatherings, games and quizzes!

We can even write bespoke content for you if you would prefer, working to whatever your theme may be.

Similar to the ‘Gurus’, our host performers are also available to liven up weekly team meetings and keep your colleagues on their toes! Did anyone notice the newbie??

How to Videos

Let us show you how

Whether you need an energetic and unique way to deliver a brand message or would simply like a bespoke instruction video that everyone can enjoy, we have something that can fit the bill.

Our professional presenters are the best in the business!

From corporate training videos to product demonstrations, chat show-style interviews to sustainable craft activities – ‘How to’ videos are a brilliant way of breaking the mundane routine of Zoom meetings and PowerPoint presentations.

Allow us to create entertaining, engaging and educational content that will deliver your message or simply just spread joy to whomsoever you choose.

The Joy of Music

Perfectly in tune

Lockdown may have convinced you to learn a new skill or improve one you already have. Perhaps you’d like to serenade a friend or loved one but you just don’t have the pipes for it?

We have access to some of the finest singers and singing teachers in the UK who are able to guide you along the way!

Allow our brilliant team of industry experts and West End professionals to lead you through a series of online tuition sessions in an informative and entertaining way.

This is the perfect option to add something a little different to your virtual gatherings however formal they are.

Make it Magical

This will do the trick

Our Magicians have been entertaining the Zoom masses throughout lockdown and have proven a great way of bringing people together.

Magic is a universal art for all to enjoy and a great way to motivate, unite and inspire teams who may be feeling more disconnected right now than ever before.

Remember, magicians are for life, not just for lockdown so let them amaze you,  bringing laughter and amazement to your future online events!

For the kids

Or big Kids of course

Treat your kids (and by default, yourself!) to a private Zoom party.

Our wonderful and engaging performers have now perfected ‘doing their thing’ online, now offering their exciting entertainment and children’s party packages live in your home!

We pride ourselves on being experts in entertaining all ages. So why not try something different? Keep younger minds entertained and engaged with a whole range of shows and activities from our fantastic team.

If you have any requests or ideas to make your online event extra special then we would love to hear from you.

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