Bicester Village’s PR Agency 22/43 asked us to help celebrate National Wool Week.

We were to create the perfect closely-knit and eye catching meeting point for press at Marylebone Station.

Reporters would be met by our team of skilled knitters who would travel with them to Bicester Village, knitting tirelessly along the way.

What we did

Our team posed for various images on the journey and at Bicester Village itself while interacting with the press to promote the event. This provided perfect on-the-day press shots to hit the picture desks that morning.

Upon arrival at Bicester Village, the press were greeted at the Farm Shop by more ‘Extreme Knitters’ using supersized needles to make beautiful merino wool blankets.


Our National Wool Week Knitters were noticed by commuters at Marylebone Station with an upsurge of social media engagement seen during the activity.

The campaign resulted in local news coverage and features in fashion magazines such as  GQ and gained celebrity endorsement from Blur’s Alex James.

Bicester Village’s social channels saw visits grow with increased mentions across the board.

stitches completed
sheep shorn