Since 2015, Hubbub have enlisted us for a variety of campaigns, originating with the ‘Naked Bin Men’, to help them engage with the public on matters relating to litter and water waste.

In 2017 we helped them to promote their For Fish’s Sake, Streets Ahead, Bring Back Heavy Metal and #TapChat campaigns by providing comedy characters in locations up and down the UK.

What we did

Dressed to impress in wet suits, pyjamas and leather jackets, our performers appeared for photo opportunities as well as spreading the message of sustainability over the course of 2017.


  • #FFSLDN campaign appeared on ITV London News
  • Borough Market Fishmonger stunt appeared on the Borough Market story and attracted a great deal of social media attention
  • Minister Andy attended an event for The All-Party Parliamentary Water Group at the House of Commons (in his dressing gown, no less!)
events in 2017
decrease in the likelihood to drop litter
Performers pose for PR Stunt photo to promote #tapchat
Two Litter rescue lifeguards on the beach to promote Hubub and #Litter Rescue
Member of the public poses for photo to promote recycling batteries.
PR Stunt Interacts with the public to promote Hubub and Recylcing correctly