Golin London asked us to produce an outdoor launch event in the V&A building at Victoria Park, London for Media and bloggers to promote Persil’s partnership with the Roald Dahl Estate.

With support from the Roald Dahl Estate we created a Dahl-inspired activity that was both fun and interactive, encouraging children to get messy. Using iPads and smart phones they were immersed in a glorious mix of outdoor play and storytelling.

What we did

We provided a talented team to run the 2 hour interactive activity for more than 50 children and their families. The activity was subsequently released online, using Persil’s interactive app and interactive story arcs, based around ‘Matilda’, ‘James & the Giant Peach’ and ‘The Witches’.

We wrote all the live content for the event, cast and rehearsed the characters, dressed the venue and provided Dahl-esque food including Frobscottle & Chocolate fudgewhipple!


The event kick-started a broad campaign which saw almost 90,000 downloads of the app.  The app has engaged families with the activity and seen them venture into the real world and experience it through Roald Dahl’s eyes.

Persil have seen dwell time on their site tripled and the social media campaign has reached 24 million people.

Persil have enjoyed increased sales, with a 22% volume uplift on predictions. The experience also provided a new Roald Dahl story.

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