We were invited to create a live action non-ticketed ‘Thomas & Friends’ show to tour around Butlins resorts in Minehead, Skegness and Bognor Regis.

The original production was to run from February to November 2010 and we were asked to produce all elements of the show, working closely with Hit Entertainment.

MOF were to cast and rehearse the actors, design and construct all costumes and set, and manage the seven month tour.

What we did

MOF scripted a bespoke 40 minute ‘Thomas & Friends’ show which was the centre point of a fully interactive themed experience for the Butlin’s guests, including pre-show entertainment and an arts and crafts session.

We created 2 brand new characters, ‘Rusty and Dusty’, Sodor’s station sweepers, to lead the activities and feature in the show alongside Sir Topham Hat and of course Thomas himself.

The show includes a life-sized ‘Thomas’ engine, bespoke CGI video content and a soundtrack recorded at MOF Studios.


We are now in our seventh consecutive year and fourth new production. Each show has had an original ‘Thomas & Friends’ storyline.

There have been more than 950 performances so far and we are still playing to packed Butlins houses across the UK. Our shows have been seen by approximately 400,000 audience members.

‘Rusty & Dusty’ are still going strong, so much so that they are swiftly becoming Thomas characters in their own right.

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