To coincide with the Blu-Ray and DVD launch of animated movie sensation TROLLS we were tasked with creating a fun, engaging and fully interactive children’s screening at the Prince Charles Cinema.

TROLLS fans were to be transported into a magical world that mirrored the adventures of their favourite onscreen characters.

What we did

We created an immersive cinematic experience for 55 children driven by our two energetic hosts. Kids were encouraged to join in with various key moments of the movie, singing and dancing with the TROLLS, donning wigs to match the action, eating rainbow coloured popcorn and bespoke rainbow glitter cupcakes.

On entering the cinema, children were presented with Troll-inspired toy and trinket-filled goodie-bags.


  • An audience of 100, including 55 excited children, were entertained and thoroughly immersed in the screening.
  • Numerous magical images captured for Press and Marketing pursuits
  • Huge interaction across social media using #BringTrollsHome
glitter cupcakes
fabulous presenters
amazing goodie-bag
A colourful glitter cupcake, with rainbow icing whirls
Two enthusastic brightly dressed presenters stand next to two large colourful costume characters from the movie TROLLS, infront of a branded London Taxi cab. The cab is rainbow coloured, and has Trolls branding on it, and the number plate 'TROLLS'.
A spread of toys and trinkets given to children in a goodie bag at a screening of TROLLS at the Prince Charles cinema. There is a Trolls programme booklet, a colourful flower notepad, a slinky, a mini glitterball, a packet of seeds, and a glitter cupcake.