BBC Learning

WW1 at Home

As part of the BBC Learning WW1 At Home tour, we crafted an engaging and informative show which unravelled the true events leading to WW1. Our fast-paced 30-minute performance highlighted the dramatic impact the war had on families and communities across the UK. Helping people to explore their own relatives’ links to the war.

The team also doubled as hosts in the ‘War Room’ where actor Larry Lamb interviewed renowned historians and experts including War Correspondent Kate Adie.

In 2015, collaborating with the BBC again, we applied a similar format to explore the space race and the quest to reach the moon in the 1960s.

Our WW1 At Home show underwent a revision in 2016, becoming part of the BBC’s centenary commemoration for The Battle of The Somme. It took centre stage in a Live Lesson program, performed by our cast in front of a studio audience and live-streamed to schools nationwide.


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