Working alongside Peperami, our very own “Peper-ARMY” was engaged to hit the streets of London.

Needing to fill annoying holes situated in iconic high footfall areas and outside Media houses, we scoured the Capital. After identifying over 100 pot holes, road works and disused phone boxes we set about constructing a plan.

We filled these holes with branded Peperami flags and hazard tape under cover of darkness. The following morning, we proved to commuters that Peperami really can ‘fill any hole’!

This guerrilla campaign featured online and in National Press (Daily Star & The Sun Online) with a total circulation from coverage generated: 81,107,516

There was huge #HangryHole social media activity and you can watch London get a mass porking here.

holes filled
members of The Peper-ARMY!
Mass Porking

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