20th Century Fox

Spider Pig

20th Century Fox wanted to fly Spider Pig, high over Battersea Power Station to mark the home entertainment release of “The Simpson’s Movie”.

The stunt was to pay homage to the Pink Floyd album “Animals” (released exactly 30-years earlier!). Our 12m inflatable Spider Pig was safely flown 60m in the air during an 18hr shoot, achieving widespread media coverage with the item repeatedly run on both the BBC and ITN News. It also gained widespread coverage on national radio stations including BBC Radio 1, Virgin, Capital, Heart and XFM – with a combined radio audience of over 16 million.

During its first week, the event video gained over 400,000 hits on YouTube and The Simpsons Movie went on to become one of the biggest DVD releases of 2007.

(Event photos below by Tim Anderson.)

spider pig over battersea power station pink floyd animals
million broadcast audience
marksman (for safety!)
meter inflatable

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