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Game Of Thrones - Season 7

White Walkers ventured beyond ‘The Wall’ to haunt the streets of London, marking the launch of Game Of Thrones Season 7 on Sky Atlantic and Now TV.

Over eight weeks, the design team meticulously crafted screen-accurate costumes bringing the essence of the White Walkers to life. A skilled styling team then utilized specially designed prosthetics to transform our actors into these iconic warriors.

Their chilling presence was felt at Oxford Circus, Tower Bridge, and The Tower of London. The team then marched on Buckingham Palace’s Throne Room, where the Night King and his companions made a memorable impact.

The stunt secured coverage from major news outlets such as The Independent, Metro, and the Evening Standard. We even made waves across the Atlantic, featuring on Entertainment Weekly and Fox News. The main event video trended on Twitter, amassing millions of views and shares from platforms like Business Insider, The LADbible, and The Telegraph.

Our White Walkers extended their campaign to Sky offices across the UK, making appearances in Sheffield, Glasgow, and Isleworth. London stations were also seized on the day of the Season 7 premiere, ensuring an unforgettable spectacle for all.

Hours In Make-Up
Weeks Of Production Time

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