We were approached by Channel 5 to promote their new reality TV show ‘10,000 BC‘.

They asked us to produce an early morning photoshoot involving a team of authentic looking cavemen appearing at modern day London locations.

The feel of the shoot was to be serious and not look too tongue-in-cheek.

What we did

Inspired by the show’s marketing material, our costume team created a selection of realistic outfits consisting mainly of fake animal furs and leather straps.

Our cavemen hit the streets of London with the photographer and were seen at a series of iconic London locations by thousands of people on their morning commute.


Over 6 hours we visited a total of 9 iconic locations. These included The London Eye, Abbey Road, Millennium Bridge, Westminster Bridge, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square.

We even squeezed in a shot with our intrepid cavemen wading ankle deep in the Thames.

The show received a huge amount of interest from the national press, including articles in The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Daily Mirror.

The official trailer gained over 30,000 views.

guerrilla locations
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