PR Agency Pretty Green asked us to create a unique and impactful PR stunt using the Beyoncé track ‘Single Ladies (Put a ring on it)’.

The objective was to promote the final date of Beyonce’s 2009 UK Tour, as sponsored by Trident Unwrapped.

What we did

We produced the stunt from concept to delivery in just 2 weeks.

Having identified Piccadilly Circus as a suitable guerrilla location, we managed all production logistics, including choreography, costumes and casting/rehearsing 100 dancers.

On the activity day, our dancers performed the ‘Single Ladies’ routine guerrilla-style, filmed by multiple cameras from different vantage points. The footage was edited in our studio immediately afterwards and the final film was approved and uploaded onto YouTube by 6pm that evening.


The film became a massive viral video success, attracting 1 million hits in the first week, with the main video peaking at 9.4 million hits several weeks later. To date more than double that number have now viewed the stunt.

The video was screened during Beyoncé’s performance of ‘Single Ladies’ at her 02 concert later that year.

YouTube hits