We were asked to collaborate with Lucre PR on behalf of BIC to promote their ‘Just Write’ campaign – a response to findings from a study that half of teenagers have never written a letter.

The aim would be to heighten brand awareness in a fun and dynamic fashion, whilst reminding the public of the importance of hand-writing personal notes rather than relying on social media – spreading a message to ‘revive the art of writing’.

What we did

Spanning three different cities, we produced three separate events to publicise the ‘Just Write’ campaign.

In Leeds we created a team of mobile ‘BIC writing  points’ – armed with branded usherette-style trays our performers encouraged members of the public to hand-write a message to a loved-one, photograph it then share via social media.

Further visual impact and excitement was added by a pair of actors dressed Emily Bronte and William Shakespeare.

In Manchester a ready-rehearsed ‘busker’ duo played bespoke tunes, with a cardboard sign urging passersby to not donate money but to ‘Write a Nice Message’ instead.

Finally in the capital we constructed a 2m long perspex BIC biro. This was carried between iconic London locations by performers dressed a delivery men.


  • A massive amount of brand awareness was created simultaneously in three parts of the country
  • Numerous photo opportunities generated with costume characters and giant BIC biro
  • A multitude of hand-written notes made by the public shared across social media, alongside a general online buzz around #JustWrite
  • Further campaigns incorporating elements of the activity have since been produced
major cities
of teenagers who've never written a letter
of giant biro
A group of promotional performers stand in a line alongside actors dressed as Emily Bronte and William Shakespeare, who holds a giant pen.
A promotional team member with an usherette style writing tray, encourages a member of the public to write a hand-written note.
An actor dressed as Emily Bronte on a cobbled street.
An actor dressed as William Shakespeare on a cobbled street.