To celebrate ‘blooming marvellous’ mums across the UK ahead of Mother’s Day, Frank PR asked us to create a giant flower mosaic in the design of a famous Cath Kidston print.

We were also asked to produce a simultaneous activity in Cardiff using daffodils to engage with Welsh mums.

The aim of both activities was to provide great photo opportunities and produce a positive Cath Kidston experiential activity.

What we did

We designed a field of flowers that recreated the signature polka dot print of this iconic British lifestyle brand.

Over 620 hours, we used 4,000 gerberas to create the giant mosaic beside the Thames, with views of The City in the background. Commuters and passing members of the public were invited by our performers to come and pick a bunch of flowers for their mums.

Simultaneously, at The Hayes Shopping Centre in Cardiff a team of Ministers gave out bunches of daffodils to mums from a beautiful branded flower barrow.


The stunts enjoyed a busy time on social media, with public posing for photos and posting them on Facebook and Twitter using the #bloominmarvellousmums hashtag.

Located right next to the ITV Studios on South Bank the stunt was featured on ‘Good Morning Britain’, as well as in the Metro newspaper.

4,000 people got a Cath Kidston flower to give to their mum. Here’s a BloominMarvellousVideo .

gerbera petals
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happy welsh mums