We were commissioned by CRUK to bring to life the astonishing story of Henrietta Lacks – the source of one of the most important cell lines in medical history.

What we did

Following extensive research into the source material we devised and scripted a short dramatization charting this incredible tale before casting and rehearsing the characters of Henrietta and biologist George Otto Gey.

The show was performed in a wide variety of venues including the University of Manchester, the Thackray Medical Museum in Leeds, and the Richard Doll Lecture Theatre in Oxford.


  • Far-reaching awareness was brought to Henrietta Lacks’ important story
  • The performance has gained widespread acclaim from all who witnessed it
  • The show was so successful it has currently been revived with updated versions on 5 separate occasions
amazing story
production revivals
tonnes of HELA cells since grown by scientists
A woman looks into a microscope as a mustachioed biologist watches on.
A mustachioed biologist in a white lab coat in the process of removing his spectacles
A mustachioed biologist in a white lab coat looking concerned.