Cancer Research UK tasked us with creating an interactive installation to raise awareness of ‘World Cancer Day’. The installation needed to incorporate the campaign’s signature ‘Unity Bands’.

The activity was to attract public attention, being accessible to all so as to reaffirm the ethos of unity; whilst also allowing people to join the cause and donate.

What we did

We appointed an artist to design a mural inspired by the World Cancer Day ‘Unity Band’ and everything it stands for.

From the designs we then created a 3m wide ‘Unity Wall’, which we positioned in a busy location in Bluewater shopping centre. Passersby were encouraged by our brand ambassadors to colour-in elements of the ‘blank canvas’ in Cancer Research UK colours in a gesture of support for the campaign.

A contactless payment reader was incorporated in to the wall enabling those that interacted with the installation to instantly donate £2 and in return receive a ‘Unity Band’ to show their allegiance to the cause.


  • Passing public of all ages, and from all walks of life, interacted with the Unity Wall by colouring in the mural
  • Greatly heightened awareness was brought to ‘World Cancer Day’
  • Numerous donations were made to Cancer Research UK, in exchange for ‘Unity Bands’
  • Big impact and pledges of support were made via #ActOfUnity on twitter and other social media
  • A video showcasing the activity was produced
very important day
donation per unity band
of unity wall
People stop to interact with a multicoloured mural coloured in by the public for World Cancer Day in a shopping centreTwo ladies colour in a multicoloured mural for World Cancer Day in a shopping centre
A young girl colours in a multicoloured mural for World Cancer Day in a shopping centre