To create a giant portrait of Dairy Milk Freddo out of loom bands.

The campaign was designed to boost Freddo’s profile once more and make a big impact for Cadbury just as children were going back to school.

What we did

Our artist worked tirelessly for 19 days, weaving loom bands into coloured chains.

The woven chains were carefully joined together to create giant 1.5m work of art, which was then mounted in a gold frame.

We created a video of the whole process and hung the finished picture in Cadbury World in Bournville.

Facts and Figures

30,000 loom bands, in 7 different colours, were hand-woven using the fishtail weave.

The portrait took 150 hours to make and became one of the largest pieces of loom band art ever made.

47 Dairy Milk Freddo bars were eaten in the name of research.

loom bands
Artist who never wants to see a loom band again