To create a giant model of an asthma inhaler and produce an experiential activity for the press launch of a new Glaxo Smith Kline recycling campaign.

This would then go on to a global tour of GSK facilities.

What we did

We created a giant replica of GSK’s inhaler in green. It was a whopping 3.5m tall and weighed 200kg.

We installed the handmade structure in London Victoria station where it stood throughout the launch day of GSK’s national ‘Complete The Cycle’ campaign.

We also provided a lively team of Ministers to spread the word, pose for photos and encourage the public to engage with the campaign’s objectives.

Facts and Figures

  • 200 hours to build the inhaler
  • 43 times the size of a normal inhaler
  • 4 crew members took two hours to erect it in Victoria Station
  • 250,000 experiential reach during the launch event
  • 34,000 YouTube hits during the first two months online
  • 1 office corridor proved far too small to turn the inhaler around in!
leaflets handed out
metres high
YouTube hits (in the first 2 months)