Harrods asked us to provide a magical line-up of Elves for their Christmas Ice Kingdom Grotto.

We designed and created costumes inspired by the Swiss ‘Nisse’ character, remaining in keeping with the icy theme.

The brief also included scripting and rehearsing our team and managing a daily performance schedule which ran every day from 31st October until Christmas Eve 2016.

What we did

Working closely alongside Harrods, we created a fully interactive experience during which our elves led visitors on an enchanted 30 minute journey.

Beginning in an elegant Library area guests were sent through a mysterious bookcase, down a snow tunnel past magical mirrors and in to an interactive music area where they played prearranged music on hand bells.

Here they paused for a moment to dress-up for a photo before  continuing  their journey through lit hanging ice crystals until finally arriving at the Ice Palace where they met Father Christmas himself.


The grotto was run by a team of 10 magical Elves and was open for 9 hours per day, every single day, for a period of 8 consecutive weeks.

Thousands of children and their families were welcomed to the sell-out Harrods Ice Kingdom, and were entertained with a mixture of magic, storytelling, music and festive Ministry fun.

Harrods once again had the most magical grotto in the world with #HarrodsGrotto being shared throughout the Festive period!

real Father Christmas