Harrods tasked us with creating a memorable flashmob moment featuring the iconic Harrods “Green Man” doormen.

The activity was designed to launch the Summer Sale and drive footfall into the store.

Harrods also asked us to produce a teaser campaign on social media to build excitement and attract crowds to the event.

What we did

We cast 100 dancers before choreographing and rehearsing an exciting routine. They were all costumed as doormen, members of the press and security guards in bespoke uniforms created by our costumiers.

In the week before the flashmob, a single Green Man dancer visited various locations in central London.  Accompanied by a photographer and videographer, he performed a short solo routine to encourage social media activity using the hashtag #HarrodsSale.

On the morning Harrods opened for its summer sale we performed this surprise flashmob outside the store in front of thousands of queuing customers.


The Green Man performance was a hit with the media and public, delighting the crowds gathered outside Harrods and attracting widespread social media coverage.

The stunt video received over 150,000 hits in the first two weeks on Harrods’ YouTube channel.

The event was featured on Channel 4 later that day as a question on TV quiz ‘The Million Pound Drop’.

YouTube hits in the first week
question on Ch4’s ‘Million Pound Drop’