Cow PR tasked us with producing a unique piece of artwork for Heathrow Airport to celebrate Pride in London.  The idea was to recreate the iconic rainbow flag with the help of 6,000 passengers’ kisses.

The artwork was to form part of a week-long Pride celebration with Heathrow showing its support for the LGBT+ community and the colourful spirit of the event.  The flag would fly high above Terminal 2, also known as The Queen’s Terminal until the end of July.

What we did

The team temporarily attached the 1.8m x 3m flag material to a free-standing wall for ease of application, this was then further treated with a fire retardant covering once the kisses were applied.

The piece of ‘kissing art’ was kissed by international flyers as well as Brits travelling on their holiday. Each passenger placed their own colourful and individual ‘kiss’ onto the crowd-sourced artwork, to show their support for LGBT+ rights.

The flag began its life in Terminal 2 Departures on July 1, with passengers choosing to plant their smackers in red, orange, yellow, green, blue or purple lipstick, directly onto the blank canvas.


  • The flag took pride of place in The Queen’s Terminal (T2) at Heathrow Airport and was visible as people flew in and out of the World’s busiest airport
  • Coverage gained in Metro, Gay Times, and industry media including Travel Trade Gazette
  • Watch the video
rainbow flag
Pride London Heathrow Flag Ministry of Fun PR Stunt
Pride London Heathrow Flag Ministry of Fun PR Stunt
Pride London Heathrow Flag