We’ve been partnering with Heathrow Airport since 2007, providing entertainment and experiential activities across all 5 Terminals at various key dates throughout the calendar year.

Our on-going brief is to provide roaming performers including comedy characters, international musicians and variety acts to entertain and engage passengers from around the world as they pass through this busy airport.

What we did

We are regularly tasked with bringing a range of seasonal, international, historic and quintessentially British celebrations to life through entertainment. All of our performers, acts & installations have to pass the stringent H&S regulations required by the airport.

Thus far, activities and entertainment are incredibly varied and have included:

  • Chinese Dragons and other traditional oriental entertainment
  • Interactive colouring walls
  • Award winning football tricksters
  • Whisky tasting seminars/talks
  • Stilt walking characters
  • Tap Dancing Turkeys
  • Bespoke Pop-up Pantomimes


  • We provide entertainment acts, walkabout characters, musical acts & workshop themes for seasonal events such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year and even the 800th Anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta
  • In 2012 a team of Grenadier Guards and Beefeaters bid farewell to athletes from across the world after the London Olympics.
  • In 2014, we opened the refurbished Terminal 2 for Her Majesty The Queen with roaming characters and musical acts.
  • In the last few years we provided the skills of over 300 performers, producing multiple events and entertaining millions of people as they made their way through the ‘gateway to the world’.
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