DHX Media approached us to produce an interactive ‘In The Night Garden’ installation to showcase their new product range at the Baby and Toddler Show in Manchester.

The themed stand was to allow visitors to sample the new creations amidst elements of the programme whilst simultaneously giving them respite from the busy trade show atmosphere.

What we did

To create a whole ITNG world for guests we suspended the new baby range from bespoke mobiles, surrounded by fairy lights and backed the stand with an 8m long mural featuring the central characters from the show.

Driven by their new style guide, the artwork included 3 dimensional padded clouds and green buttons to hang competition entry forms shaped as leaves. All of which heightened the interactive element.

We provided a storyteller who sat on a padded tree stump seat reading ITNG excerpts to children and parents reclining on handmade soft, cloth-covered pebbles.

Music from the show and free advice from sleep expert Mandy Gurney added to the relaxing and restful ambience.


  • The stand was consistently busy throughout the event enabling large numbers of parents, toddlers and babies to experience the new product range
  • Hundreds of competition entry leaves were added to the 3D mural each day
  • Stories and sleep advice were shared with young and old within a restful In The Night Garden environment
  • All of the parents and children left the DHX stand smiling and happy
In The Night Garden stories
competition leaves
of parent and toddler sleep hours gained
Silver In The Night Garden branded leaves hang from a green tree on a wall
A comfy and colourful In The Night Garden themed stand at the baby and toddler show
A smiling storyteller holding a colourful In The Night Garden character toy sits with a toddler
A young boy balances comfy pebble cushion on top of each other