To introduce people to the Krispy Kreme Halloween doughnut range we were asked to create a pumpkin patch in Waterloo train station with a hidden surprise.

Watching over our crop would be a team of Krispy Kreme Farmers and Scarecrows, complete with dungarees, straw showing from their sleeves, floppy hat and Pumpkin heads.

The intention was to sample the doughnuts … and also to make people smile!

What we did

We designed and installed the pumpkin patch (4m x 4m), sourced and booked the venue at Waterloo Station. We produced costumes and pumpkin patch props and managed all logistics relating to the delivery of installation, personnel and doughnuts.

We staffed the activity with a top team of lively and enthusiastic scarecrows who entertained the public by standing motionless in the pumpkin patch and suddenly springing to life, surprising and delighting their audiences with mouth-watering Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.


We gave out 125 doughnuts per hour between 11am and 7pm, with the public tweeting messages of thanks all day via #scarecrowpatch .

This experiential activity created Krispy Kreme Halloween moments for thousands of people over the course of the day (Waterloo average daily footfall: 250K pd +).

Finally, we made a video of the day: Krispy Kreme Halloween .

sq meters of fake grass
doughnuts eaten