McVitie’s wanted to make the long journey home from Glastonbury a little bit better.

Research had revealed that Brits miss their favourite biscuits more than their family when they go to festivals with nearly half of those surveyed saying that biscuits are the “most essential” food item to pack.

Their idea therefore was to surprise worn-out festival goers with free biscuits and a hot cup of tea as they began their long journey home.

What we did

After conducting a recce for suitable spots for this guerrilla marketing activity our team headed down to Glastonbury.

The team of enthusiastic performers were armed with backpacks filled with tea & coffee and one thousand packs of McVitie’s Digestive biscuits.

Located at various spots on the exit route we helped McVitie’s make leaving the festival a little bit sweeter as they distributed the delicious treats.


  • The activity was featured on London Live TV
  • Kerry Owens, McVitie’s Marketing Director, said: “We believe that biscuits make everyday moments just that little bit better, so it stands to good reason that people might want to pack a little pick me up while they’re camping!”
packs of biscuits
Two pretty girls with backpacks smiles as they walk up a hill holding a packet of McVitie's biscuits in their hands
A pretty female performer is smiling as she leans into a car, pouring a cup of tea, as the car leaves Glastonbury festival
A queue of festival goers leaving Glastonbury excited as they are handed packets of McVities biscuits and cups of tea.