Camelot challenged the Ministry of Fun and Threepipe PR to produce 6 media worthy PR stunts across the UK within 48 hours.

The stunts were part of a nationwide campaign to publicise the Lotto ticket price increasing from £1 to £2.

We were also asked to create a viral video.

What we did

We designed and produced 6 stunts across the UK featuring giant Lottery Balls which were:

  • Illuminated and floated down the Thames throughout the night until dawn
  • Installed ‘Nessie style’ on Loch Ness
  • ‘Crashed’ into the MShed in Bristol
  • Sailed under Ironbridge on the River Severn
  • Stationed outside The Welsh Assembly in Cardiff Bay
  • Dropped on to a London taxi in Covent Garden


The New Dawn Lotto campaign created lasting images and attracted a lot of attention in the press, on TV and online.

National press coverage included The Telegraph, The Sun, the Daily Mirror and Metro. There was also online coverage from ITV, The Times, The Independent, BBC News, Evening Standard, the Daily Mail and MSN, plus loads of regional media coverage.

The balls on the Thames were featured several times on BBC Breakfast News and our New Dawn lotto video went viral, getting more than 84,000 hits on YouTube.

enormous balls
YouTube hits