Following the success of our mechanical chocolatier in a box earlier in the year, we were asked to create a touring ’Thorntons Chocolate Kabin’,

This is one of several media and direct-to-consumer activities we’ve produced for Thorntons, both directly and indirectly through PR agencies, and it was designed to mark the Thorntons Centenary.

What we did

We designed and created a full-sized chocolate ‘Kabin’ that the public could wander around.

The fun and eye catching installation provided an essence of Thorntons very first shop which was opened in Sheffield by Joseph William Thornton in October 1911.

The kabin was staffed by a lively and enthusiastic team of performers and toured nationwide.


The activity visited Covent Garden, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Liverpool and Sheffield over the course of one week.

Lots of online and regional press coverage was garnered and members of the public we treated to a ridiculously large amount of delicious chocolate giveaways.

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chocolate kabin