To engage the British public with the brand and celebrate the Thorntons centenary by making people smile.

Thorntons had partnered with NSPCC and wanted an idea to sample their chocolates whilst simultaneously raising money for this great cause.

Additional objectives of the activity were to drive footfall into Thorntons stores and generate regional media coverage.

What we did

We designed and created a touring installation where an actor, playing the part of a ‘mechanical chocolatier’, could be seen inside an ornate glass case.

If a member of public dropped a coin into the box, then the robotic-looking chocolatier burst into life, mixing chocolate, dancing and rewarding the donation with a treat.

We produced a consumer tour around the UK and managed all production elements for the press launch in Shoreditch.


The chocolatier in a box visited 22 locations around the UK. He distributed more than 3,900 chocolates in exchange for NSPCC donations.

The activity proved so popular that it has reappeared as an interactive part of several Thorntons campaigns since.

15 pieces of coverage were achieved, including BBC Derby.

chocolatier in a box
raised for NSPCC
leaflets distributed