Cancer Research UK wanted to challenge the government to include a focus on the fight against cancer in their political agenda.

Using the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish assembly elections as a springboard, the aim was to get the public to add their voice to the campaign and put pressure on politicians.

What we did

We designed and built giant 3D letters spelling ‘CANCER’ to serve as a focal point for the campaign.  We organised and executed a UK tour of this structure where the public were invited to engage with the cause by covering the letters in stickers.

The public were also persuaded by our team to encourage their local MPs and election candidates to join the fray.


We persuaded nearly 8,000 members of the public, including prospective election candidates, to show their support. Watch what happened here: CRUK .

There was masses of social media activity, with the public using the official campaign hashtags on Twitter and Facebook:




national parliaments