YouTube wanted to entertain and engage the public during the launch of their new Creator Store in Kings Cross.

The multi-faceted store allows people to buy merchandise from their favourite YouTube stars. It also offers production classes for aspiring YouTubers and provides established contributors with a state-of-the-art studio.

We were invited to write and produce a selection of Vlogger parodies which would be performed on the day.

What we did

We created an interactive street theatre experience using a cast of 4 performers, each playing several roles. This team performed 6 parodies, engaged with the passing public and encouraged people to visit the Creator Store.

The activity aimed to show the public how easy it is to produce content as well as to educate them on products available in store.

The parodies were performed on the pavement outside of the store. This encouraged budding Creators to produce their first video and get their foot on the ladder.


We reached over 50,000 people in the hours between 8am-7pm.

The store enjoyed a highly successful launch day with a continual line of customers queued up throughout our activity.

The event attracted great coverage on social media launching #CreatorStore, in the press and online .

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